Thursday, May 3, 2012

Electric and Plumbing done

This is my buddy Greg,,,,,,,we work on alot of the same jobs all the time, and he so graciously offered to come help with our electric,,,,thanks bunches Mr. Greg,,,,,,,C corky in his sons lap,,,,,,,hahahhhaha,,,,

So we are getting close to being caught up,,,,,,,,,,hubby put a nail thru and thru us finger putting up a scab to hold the plumbing fixture,,,,,oh boy, but hes so healthy it healed terrific,,,,,tks hubby,,your the greatest,,,,but sorry bout your finger,,,

The siding

The House looks so little from here,,,,this is the back side,,,,facing northwestish,,,,,,my hubby says my house doesnt sit square with the rest of the world, lol,,,,,i wanted it facing the lake so that i could watch the deer walking along the pond damCJ and Cory didn't have a job that day so they came up and helped,,thanks guys,,much appreciated....

Guest Shower

I have plans for tiling this shower,,,with a mountain on top,,,,with ocean on the bottom,,,,,we will c how this comes along,,,,,,,,,,,but this is the guest shower,,,,with a little circle shower,,,walk in,,being a ceramic tile contractor has its advantages, lolol,,,,,,

Took me all day,,,,,and lots of thinking for this one,,,but its going to be awesome,,,Hope my guests,,,,,my little guest of the summer loves it,,,,love you taylor

Spring 2012


kitchen cabinets,,,,,,,,,,,again,,,,found at habitat for humanity,,,,theres another eight foot countertop behind this one,,,,,r u kidding me,,,,,,30,000 in cabinets for less then 1100,,,,woohoo again,,,,recycled,,,,already tore them up and are making them fit perfectly under my kitchen window,,,,they will be sanded and painted,,,,,one section will be my future island,,,with of course my recycled bowling ball isles,,,,as a choppping block,,,,


Sheating and House Wrap, out of order

Its fall,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,time for the sheating and the house wrap,,,,Then the inside walls,,,,and then wait for winter to leave

Hard part

Inside walls on a metal building house, is really hard work,,,,,really hard,,,,but its coming along just wonderful.
hubby in front of the master shower,,,,,well of course its a walk-in,,,,,,nothing fancy,,,,
the big door is going to be a slider,,,,,will use the slider from the barn,,,,this is my quilting studio,,,already have my ceramic studio

the quest shower and bathroom,,,,,got to get a circle walk in shower, somewhere in there,,,